Thursday, December 4, 2014

Limnit Lipstick : Swatches

Another day, another indie to tell you guys about... or more accurately, remind you about. A few months back, I posted a review and some lip swatches from Limnit and I finally got around to ordering a few other colors that I had wanted to get my hands on. Trina had closed for a bit in the early fall but when she reopened, I jumped on the opportunity to get these shades. I only ordered Bewitching Hour and Ms. President, but she threw in Deepest Taupes and Dreams to thank me for my previous review! How sweet? Seriously, this is why I love the indie scene.

Onto reviews and swatches!

Ms. President is, as Limnit describes it, a "bold, semi-matte, opaque, vegan, brick orange-red" shade. It is definitely the most opaque out of the three that I got in the sense that it is just completely opaque in one swipe of the lip brush. This shade was soft and applied super easily and left behind very little, if any stain on the lips.

Bewitching Hour is a "bold, semi-matte, opaque, vegan, dark midnight blue" shade. This was actually the third shade that I applied, which is why my line work is a little shoddy on this... I found this to be fairly opaque on the first swipe, but it did take the tiniest amount of work to get even all over the lips. I actually bought this shade so that I can mix it with Goodness Graycious and make all types of fun colors, but I think I'll probably be busting it out on its own as well. Word to the wise, this shade will stain your lips, so don't think that you can just casually wear it and then wipe it off half way through the day.

Deepest Taupes and Dreams is a "bold, semi-matte, opaque, vegan, dark brown" shade. This was my free shade and it isn't something that I would have picked up on my own. In real life, the shade is definitely more grey, but the lighting here is making the shade look much warmer. This is also extremely dark brown and if you aren't looking closely, can really look black from a distance. I had the most trouble with patchiness with DTAD, but simply blotting and going over the shade takes care of the issue. I'm not sure if I'll be wearing this one as often (OH MY GOD, A COLOR THAT I'M NOT COMPLETELY CONFIDENT IN????), but I might try to keep pushing myself to wear it. 

And there you have it! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask!

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