Monday, February 17, 2014

Lorac Pro to Go Palette : Product Review

Many, many months ago, I saw that Lorac was releasing their "Pro to Go" palettes; one for Sephora and one for Ulta. The one that was available at Ulta has since been discontinued and I've seen it at my local Nordstrom Rack, but the Sephora Pro To Go was much more popular and is now being sold in multiple locations. Oddly enough, Sephora is not carrying this palette any more since they aren't going to be carrying Lorac products.

Now that you have a bit of back history, let's get down to the actual product. This palette comes with six eye shadows (three shimmer and three matte), two blushes, a bronzer, and two itty bitty brushes. I love that there are no lip products included on this palette simply because I don't like lip product in palettes. 

The shadows that are in this palette do not coordinate with shadows in the Pro Palette; aside from the shade "Black", they are all different shades. In the top row, we have the three shimmer shades; Pearl, Chai, and Mink. Pearl is a slightly pink toned neutral, Chai is a very warm shimmery medium brown (maybe even a dark bronze), and Mink is a dark warm shimmery brown. Pearl and Chai definitely seem more shimmery while Mink appears to be just a bit more glittery. 

In the bottom row, we have all of the matte shades; Shell is a pinky toned neutral (closer to to a true neutral than Pearl, but still has a tinge of pink to it), Café is a warm medium brown, and Black is... black. All of these shades are completely matte without a trace of any shimmer, pearl, or glitter.

So what can you expect from these shadows? Exactly what you expect from the full sized Pro Palette; buttery pigmented goodness. They all apply better over primer than without, but that's to be expected of any shadow. I can't say that I've ever tried these shadows without primer, but I don't wear any powder shadow without primer. The wear time is amazing and the shadows are easy to build. Since this is an all neutral palette, you can create a myriad of looks but nothing with pops of bright color. But really, you could make so many look with just one row of these shades, so the different finishes really open up even more possibilities.

(Top to Bottom: Pearl, Chai, Mink, Shell, Café, Black)

And then we have the blush/bronzer side featuring (from left to right) Coral, Pink, and Bronze. I'm happy to report that the blushes are also very well pigmented and buttery, so they're extremely easy to apply and blend. We get two different finishes with the blushes; Coral has a coral base with a gold shimmer to it (very reminiscent of NARS Orgasm) and Pink is a matte, medium slightly warm toned pink. Bronze is made more for light or light-medium skin tones, so if you fall out of those two realms, it's kind of useless. Unfortunately, it is a bit orange-y on my face, so it will have to wait to be used until I get a tan (ha!).

(Top to Bottom: Bronze, Pink, and Coral)

And then we have these two guys; a shadow brush and an angled liner brush. Honestly, these are throw away items because if you're buying this palette, you probably already have an eye shadow brush that is light years better than this dinky, tiny thing; the brush head is the size of my pink nail. I have actually used the angled brush, but it was because I decided I wanted to do powder winged liner at the last minute and only had it. Not a horrible brush, but I would much prefer my actual angled liner brush. I suppose it's nice that they included these brushes, but they're fairly worthless.

So, would I recommend this to you? It depends. If you already have the Pro Palette and are perfectly happy with it, then this isn't really necessary for you to pick up. The shades of eye shadow, while different than the pro palette, are still fairly similar. I'm also willing to bet that most people have blushes in these two shades since they are pretty stereotypical flattering blushes. If you're like me, though, I have the Pro Palette, but I am constantly not at home, so this makes things a bit easier for me. It's not a tiny palette, it's 4.6 x 1.1 x 3.4", but it is compact enough to make it worth it to me. And to clarify, the shadows in this palette are quite a bit larger than the Pro Palette. If you don't have the Pro Palette and you love neutrals, then absolutely pick this up. I think that Lorac has some of the best eye shadows out there; they're pigmented, buttery, and easy to blend. 

You can find the Lorac Pro to Go palette at Nordstrom, Amazon, Ulta, or

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  1. Hi Allison! I've seen you post to reddit a lot and I love your stuff! I'm doing this Liebster award post thingy (chain mail, I know...but it's actually kinda fun!) and I nominated you! Check out the post and pass it on if you like :) thanks!


    1. Cool! I just checked my email and I see that Jen nominated me as well; I think I'll have to do a post on it!

  2. Im really happy you reviewed this product! I was actually just checking out some Lorac products cause of the Hautelook sale and ended up buying the Lorac Mint Edition Palette ($18 is just too good to pass up). I have the Lorac Pro (and soon the Mint Edition!) but...I feel like I need this too, and then my collection would be complete...maybe.

    1. If you love Lorac products, it will definitely be right up your alley! I'm really tempted to go pick up the older Pro to Go at Nordstrom Rack since the colors in that one are also completely different. There's an even smaller version yet, that just has three colors (repets from the Pro palette) and it's only $15 and the pans are rather large.